How to Beat Morning Sickness

If you suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy, you may find it difficult to take your prenatal multivitamins. Certain nutrients like iron, B vitamins and calcium can contribute to nausea, yet doctors and health organizations like the March of Dimes emphasize the important of these and other key nutrients for healthy fetal development and maternal health. Rainbow Light prenatal products provide a simple solution for sensitive tummies, here’s why:

  • Certain nutrient forms are easier to digest and absorb than others, Rainbow Light products include bio-available and easily digestible nutrient forms plus added digestive support to be gentle on your stomach. For example, the amino acid chelated form of iron is easier on the stomach and does not cause constipation – another common discomfort during pregnancy.
  • Additionally, Rainbow Light’s prenatal multivitamins include enzymes and probiotics in every formula to help soothe digestion and fresh ginger juice is included for its well studied role in safely relieving morning sickness.
  • Calcium-rich foods such as dark green leafy vegetables and dairy products, in combination with your Rainbow Light multivitamin, can help you meet your daily prenatal requirement of 1,300 mg per day. For those who can’t stomach these foods, Rainbow Light’s Food-Based Calcium™ is a very gentle calcium product for prenatal use as it provides 500 mg of calcium per tablet.
  • Small, frequent meals which include protein can help stave off nausea as well. A tasty solution is Rainbow Light’s Whey Protein Energizer™ shake. When your stomach is feeling sensitive try taking your prenatal multivitamin and calcium supplement with food or just before bed and drink plenty of water.

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